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Published: 13th March 2009
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Who is Singapore T202 Affiliate Meetup and What has it got to do with CPA Marketing ?

In a world of information overload and misinformation, This report will give you a clear understanding of how CPA marketing and the CPA industry works.

The biggest challenge that you will have going against you in the CPA marketing game is traffic and time.

Contrary to what you have heard or read, playing the CPA marketing game is not as easy as it appears. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and persistence to make a lot of money with CPA offers.

The CPA market is nothing new and has been around since the mid 1990's and brokering traffic from traffic sources like pay per click search engines to CPA offers has been a business for many affiliates for the last ten years.

The industry is still growing and presents the opportunity for average people to make thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in the comfort of their own home.

What Are CPA Offers?

CPA stands for "cost-per-action" offers where a user fills out a form or downloads software from an advertiser. These forms can range from a single email submit (free laptop offer) to a much longer form with multiple fields (life insurance offer). Downloadable software could be for items such as toolbars, screensavers or emoticons.

CPA Advertisers generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit, to as high as $140 for a longer form.

What makes promoting CPA offers so attractive is that the user generally does not have to buy anything and is just required to enter their personal information. Once they complete the lead, you earn a lead commission.

What Are CPA Networks?

CPA networks are companies that work as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers (affiliates) push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percent of the lead value.

For example, an advertiser may pay the CPA network $5.00 for every lead generated on the network and the CPA network may pay a publisher only $4.00 for every lead generated taking a $1.00 commission cut.

This is how the CPA networks make money.

Once you login to a CPA network, you have the ability to browse through these CPA offers and decide which one that you would like to promote. For each individual offer, you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID to promote that offer. The CPA network controls all the tracking of leads and commissions on your behalf.

The nice thing about working with a CPA network is that you receive one check from the CPA network for all the commissions that you have generated rather than multiple checks from multiple advertisers.

The number of offers that a CPA network has to offer varies from network to network with some CPA networks having over 1,000 different offers to choose from in various markets (verticals).

CPA networks generally have text, email and banner ads that are already created and ready for you to use. In my experience, using the banner creatives from a CPA network do not perform as well as using your own banners because they are poorly designed and get a low click-thru rate.

A good banner is one that does not look like an advertising banner. That is why text banners generally have a better click-thru rate.

The CPA network tracks all your affiliate data (impressions, clicks, leads, commissions, etc.) and then sends you a check at the end of the month for the commissions generated.

The first step to joining a CPA network is to fill out their publisher application to get started. This application goes through a review process and the network decides whether to accept or reject your application.

Applying To A CPA Network

Applying to CPA networks requires an application process by each network. While some CPA networks are extremely easy to get into, it can be difficult to get into some of the major CPA networks if you are new to the CPA marketing game.

When filling out an application, do not make it look like you are a newbie or beginner. CPA networks generally do not want people who are new to CPA marketing because newbies generally tax their resources and time.

You need to indicate that you can drive a lot of traffic and that you know what you are doing. You need to sell yourself. Consider the application process like a resume. This will go a long way towards helping you get accepted into the CPA network.

Most networks require you to enter a web site. What you should do is go out and create an affiliate blog. You can create a free blog at or Write about 5-6 posts on affiliate marketing and if they are geared towards the CPA industry, even better. CPA networks look favourably on affiliate blogs because they think you are an authority in the affiliate world.

If you still get rejected, don't be discouraged as there are hundredsof other CPA networks that you can apply to. I have supplied you with a comprehensive list of CPA networks you can join at the end of this report.

If you really want to get into a particular CPA network that has rejected you, I suggest you make a phone call to the CPA network and sell yourself on the phone. Almost 90% of the time, a phone call will get you accepted into the affiliate network.

You should try to get accepted by a major corporate CPA network because there are a lot of "mom and pop" type CPA networks that may be too risky to send a lot of traffic to.

Smaller "mom and pop" networks don't have the cash flow or resources to do weekly payouts or even pay on net 5 terms, while the bigger networks have no problems paying you sooner or even in advance.

CPA networks generally pay net 30 (30 days after month end) and I would stay away from CPA networks that insist on paying you net 60. If you are paying to send traffic to CPA offers, you want to have a liquid cash flow to keep your profitable CPA offers running like clockwork.

What Is A CPA Affiliate Manager?

When you are approved into a larger CPA network, you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to your account. This is a real person that will work with you to bring more traffic to the CPA network.

Affiliate managers have a vested interest in your success because a portion of their compensation is based on how much money you generate for the CPA network.

Having a dedicated account manager is a huge asset and you will not find this type of account service when you are promoting Clickbank products.

Affiliate managers are there to support you and tell you what CPA offers are performing the best on their respective network. You should also negotiate with your CPA affiliate manager for a higher payout on the CPA offers as they all have some wiggle room to increase your payout over the street price listed on the network.

Affiliate managers are also responsible for having your conversion codes or tracking pixels placed on an advertiser's success page. This will help you track conversions on tracking systems such as the one in Google Adwords.

You want to develop a good relationship with your affiliate manager because they can increase your payout on the CPA offers and also give you access to private exclusive offers running on the CPA network.

They can also quickly indicate to you what CPA offers are performing well on the network and for what forms of traffic such as natural SEO, email or pay per click traffic.

I have developed a good relationship with some of my affiliate managers who now go out of there way to get me demographic profiling of who is filling out the CPA offers that I am promoting.

This is huge because it allows me to tailor my marketing using this demographic information and generate more CPA leads.

Selecting A CPA Offer

When promoting a CPA offer, you want to make sure that you select an offer that has a demand for it.

Like I mentioned earlier in this report, the two things you have going against you are traffic and time.

It would be a complete waste of time to throw up as many campaigns as you could without measuring the demand first.

In my experience, you can generally expect 7 out of 10 campaigns to fail when you first start. You need to find the 3 winners and scale (ramp) them up. You can dramatically improve these odds if you are working with CPA offers that you know are in markets with a large demand.

If you wanna find out more in details, visit our Singapore T202 Affiliate Meetup forum.

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